30,000 runner stories told through 30,000 custom videos. Shot live. Dynamically generated. Delivered in hours.

The above video is the case  study for this project that I directed, edited, and was the Director of Photography for. 
I worked with amazing folks from Adidas and their agency, Grow, and the production teams in Boston. We managed to pull off a herculean feat and give every runner of the Boston Marathon (approx. 30k people) a unique video, as seen below.
Client: Adidas
Agency: Grow
Directed and Edited by: Pete Szijarto
Music: Last Night Riot
Music Editing & Sound Design: Overcoast

Custom video for the internationally acclaimed artist and marathoner Sara Blake
BIB# 10246

Custom video for the  winner of the 2019 Boston Marathon Elite Women division, Worknesh Degefa

Custom video for Garrett Culliton of the men's pushrim divison
BIB# W52